Taste authentic street food at Taba-J!

With our signature outlet present in each of our hotels, Taba-J is the ultimate go-to spot for a 100% local quick lunch!

For the backstory

A ‘Taba-J’ or ‘tabagie’ is an important part of our island's history and so much more than a local shop.

Decades ago, there were few supermarkets on the island and locals used to meet at the tabagie to pick up supplies, socialise with a beer and enjoy some tasty street food!

What’s on the menu?

Our chalkboards will reveal what’s on offer! Mauritian street food is super tasty.

Our hack : try something new every day

  • Dholl puris & rotis

  • Dumplings

  • Noodles

  • Chilli bites

  • Alouda

What's that?

We're spilling the tea on our favorite
local street food specialties!