Hotel Attitude
Port Louis 27°


Attitude Hospitality Ltd (AHL)

Attitude Hospitality Ltd (AHL) is an investment entity holding shares in various companies in the hotel and tourism industry. Since creation in 2008, AHL’s goal has been to position itself as a mid-market player within the tourism sector. AHL started with two hotels: Coin De Mire Attitude and Blumarine Attitude which, combined, have 210 rooms. Through continuous expansion and innovation, ‘Attitude’ has become a leading brand as well as a reference for the mid-market segment. AHL has extended both its network and market presence on the island of Mauritius to reach a room capacity in excess of 1,106 rooms.

Attitude Property Ltd (APL)

Attitude Property Ltd (APL) was incorporated as a private company in Mauritius under the name of Neymar Ltd on the 4th July of 2013. APL then converted into a public company limited by shares on the 5th May 2014. APL is a subsidiary of Attitude Hospitality Ltd. APL was listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius under the Development and Enterprise Market in September 2015. The principal activity of APL is the leasing of investment properties to its tenants, who are currently involved in hotel operations. APL successfully implemented its business model as a real estate income driven company and owns three leasehold properties namely ‘The Ravenala Attitude’, ‘Recif Attitude’ and ‘Tropical Attitude’. The said properties are all leased out to Attitude Hospitality Ltd (AHL), for a period of 20 years with a renewal option at the end of the lease term.