Reserved for adults over 18 years old, our adults-only hotels are the perfect choice for couples, singles, friends and families travelling with adult children.
Experience a stay defined by authenticity and discovery. Where there's nothing to do other than enjoy the moment, accompanied by the smiles of our Family Members.
Our adults-only hotels are all eco-committed, inviting you to enjoy a responsible holiday while protecting the environment, and supporting the economy and local community.

Our adults-only hotels

What you'll love about our adults-only hotels

A morning spent lazing by the pool in total tranquillity. An evening spent sipping a cocktail with your bare feet in the sand. At any time of day, allow yourself to give in to a sense of peace and relaxation.
There's also a whole range of activities you can do as a couple, including Tai Chi, tennis, sports lessons — but also spa treatments!

  • Relax
  • Meet new people
  • Savour local cuisine
  • Rejuvenate