Inspired by nature, Inspired by Mauritius


A new spa experience that draws its inspiration in the deep side of Mauritius – a generous tropical vegetation and refreshing waterfalls.

Treatments coming from our traditional remedies that have always been part of the Mauritian way of life.

Plant-based and vegan-friendly products, locally hand-made and composed of local and regional ingredients, in recyclable packaging.

Taking time is not wasting time

Here in Mauritius, well-being, like cuisine, religion and culture, is at a crossroad between east and west. Our “gran dimoune” as we say here, meaning our elders, have brought with them, from their faraway lands, their knowledge and secrets: Aayurruvedic massage techniques from India, reflexology from China and many almost miraculous properties from the African soil. Those traditional remedies have always been part of the Mauritian way of life. An island, where taking time is not wasting time.

5% to Green Attitude Foundation

Buying a POZ product is contributing to sustainable actions in Mauritius. 5% of each purchase goes to the Green Attitude Foundation which in its turn supports quite a number of sustainable development projects linked to protection of environment, support of the local economy, community and agriculture.

Discover all our treatments and rituals on the spa menu

Our spa products

Our beauty and massage products are exclusively produced for POZ, by KokoDeZil®,a ‘Made in Moris’ local and family company.

  • 100% handmade

  • 100% natural

  • 100% recyclable packaging

  • 100% local

  • Coin de Mire Attitude 3*

    The starting point to discover the island

    Kids Club
  • Friday Attitude 3*

    Feel that weekend vibe at this cool hotel in Mauritius

    Beachfront Kids club
  • The Ravenala Attitude 4*

    A voyage within the voyage

    Beachfront Kids club Adult-only wing
  • Zilwa Attitude 4*

    What if you became an islander?

    Beachfront Kids club