Mauritians love tea.
Come and see why at Teabaz!

Mauritius is passionate about tea. Explore the island and you’ll find rows of emerald-coloured tea bushes cloaking the highlands with grand tea houses, factories and museums waiting to be discovered.

We’ve brought a slice of this tea obsession into all of our hotels with the addition of Teabaz,a self-service tea bar in a homely lounge. It’s a great place to curl up with a brew – and a good book from our library.

Our tea is local!

Black tea ~ Corson Tea Estate
Green tea ~ Bois Cheri
Infusions ~ Feuilles et Fleurs

How do we take our tea?
Mauritians often drink black tea with sugar and a good dose of powdered milk.

What can I try at Teabaz?

Includes black tea, green tea, a flavoured infusion, iced tea and flavoured water.

Both hot and cold, You can sweeten your drink with different kinds of locally-grown sugar, too, choosing from white, brown, demerara and muscovado.

To top-off teatime, help yourself to some tasty cookies, which we flavour with green, vanilla, cardamom-vanilla or coconut tea!

Take a book from our library, settle into a cosy chair and enjoy!

Explore the Tea Route on the island

The tea and sugar you’ll find at Teabaz is grown on the island, so take the chance to dive deeper and find out more.
Follow the Tea Route (La Route du Thé) from Curepipe in the centre of the island to Souillac, a village on the south coast. The route will take you through tea, sugarcane and vanilla farms, discovering the history and culture of Mauritius along the way.

Take a tea home!

We encourage you to be a responsible traveller and have a Positive Impact on the local economy, community and environment. 

Did you know?

The drinks and cookies at Teabaz are included in the All-In All-Out package. Grab one of our beautiful upcycled glasses and choose your flavour!