Welcome home !

Kot Nou means ‘at home’ in Creole – so come and make yourself at home in our signature Kot Nou restaurant, which you’ll find in each of our hotels. It’s a place of joy, where you can feel relaxed and at ease, so pull up a chair and let’s eat.

We’ve taken our ancestors’ recipes to keep these traditional homemade flavours and our heritage alive, while letting our chefs get playful, giving these dishes a modern twist.

Kot Nou: The must try restaurant!

You’ll spot Kot Nou by its bright yellow roof and be welcomed by our hosts.

Inside, it feels like a traditional Mauritian home, so you might find rustic kitchen dressers, photo frames, local artwork and a cosy, family feel.
Our open-plan kitchen makes it easy for you to watch us cook, too!

Indian, Chinese, European and Creole cuisine – all of these flavours represent the diversity of Mauritius, so prepare for a real culinary voyage!

We’ll serve the dishes tapas-style, so you can try multiple dishes during one meal.

Our tapas-style Mauritian dining experience in 6 parts.

Kot Nou is an à la carte restaurant that feels like home, where all fresh ingredients are grown or sourced locally!.

Welcome drinks

Relax in our lounge with a drink and a few snacks.
We highly recommend our Baresef cocktail!

Are you ready to dip, spoon and share these dishes?

Help yourself to appetisers! There are three types of satini (chutney) to dip into.

Load up a bowl with homemade Creole seafood soup or vegetarian soup, served with fresh bread (pain maison).

It’s time to share hot and cold tapas, traditional Mauritian cuisine served in small bites! Choose a seafood, vegetarian or meat platter – or Nou Lasiet, our chef’s recommended platter. There’s also the chef’s signature dish to try, so tuck in!

What would you like for dessert? You could have a fresh fruit platter or coconut-lemon cassava pudding. Alternatively, continue the tapas-style dishes and opt for a trio of desserts, such as pineapple flan, chocolate sweet potato fondant and flambé banana. Yum!

The finale

Finish the meal with a traditional lemongrass infusion or sweet pâte de fruits and a glass of rhum arrangé.