Have you tried our lychee wine?

We are very excited about the new lychee wine available at Attitude Hotels, created right here in Mauritius! Ask for a Funky Parrot at the bar and you can sip a fresh and fruity white or rosé wine, made by local winemaker Alexander Oxenham. The whole concept of this wine is all about using local produce, local know-how and local workers to create something truly special.

Takamaka, a 100% mauritian & sustainable wine!

Alexander is an experienced oenologist who knows all about creating wines with grapes. But what about the local fruits found right here in Mauritius? Could he create wine from lychees? Alex was up for the challenge!
He has created a truly unique drink, which is delicious. The white and rosé wine is a perfect aperitif and pairs perfectly with curries, spicy dishes, cheese and salads. 

As the wine is made by Alexander and his team on the island, it doesn’t have to travel far to fill your glass. The whole concept of this wine is all about using local produce, local know-how and local workers to create something truly special. We are proud to be helping give a spotlight to Takamaka wine and bring local flavours into our hotels, so guests can enjoy a glass or two during their holiday. Funky Parrot is available as part of our all-inclusive package, so enjoy!

Thoughtfully made.

Are you looking forward to trying Funky Parrot by Takamaka during your next holiday?

Takamaka wine ranges available in our hotels

This off-dry lychee white will surprise you with its aromas of tropical fruits and citrus, crisp and soft on the palate, it will be a perfect match with grilled fish, sea-food and spicy dishes.

• Included in the all-in all-out package

With its intense notes of rose petals and small red fruits, this round and subtle wine will complement poultry dishes, cold cuts, smoked fish, pasta and various curries.

• Included in the all-in all-out package

This white, off-dry litchi wine will surprise you with its freshness and fruitiness, with notes of tropical fruits, citrus, boxwood and white flowers. Supple and velvety on the palate with a long, nice crisp acidity.

Perfect for an aperitif or pair with salads, goat cheese, grilled fish, seafood and curries.

This off-dry rosé offers a perfect balance with notes of ripe fruits, strawberry, cherry and rose petals. Round and lasting finish.
Served as an apéritif, it also perfectly complement salads, poultry, pastas, seafood or tandoori chicken.

When oenology reinvents itself

“By creating the only winery in Mauritius dedicated to the production of lychee wine, I wanted to write the art of winemaking differently: with a lot of audacity, some technical know how and a great amount of fun.’’

Alexander Oxenham - winemaker

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