All Attitude Hotels are Made in Moris certified!

What is the Made in Moris label?
The Made in Moris label that certifies the Mauritian origin of products and services.It was created in 2013 to boost the Mauritian industry and promote local knowledge, skills and talents.

And this is exactly our approach at Attitude!
All our hotels have been accredited with the Made in Moris label since 2019, as soon as the certification was made available to the service sector.
We are proud to be the only hotel brand on the island to be awarded the Made in Moris label.

To obtain the Made in Moris label, we had to meet strict specifications. Our objectives included promoting Mauritian expertise and protecting local jobs.

We are pleased to show our commitment to promoting Mauritian culture, valuing the talents of our fellow citizens and prioritising our island's businesses.

Committed to lokal!

We love being part of the Made in Moris community because it aligns perfectly with our values.
Our goal has not changed since we first founded Attitude Hotels: to share our local culture with you in all aspects of your holiday experience.

Bringing you the best of Mauritius!

52% of all our Food & Beverages sourcing is from Made in Moris companies!

Some facts & figures
  • 77% of Sunrise Attitude's construction & decoration was completed using locally made purchases
  • 70% of Lagoon Attitude's furniture was made locally
  • The majority of the fruits & vegetables served in our hotels are sourced locally