Travel with confidence !

Discover our Covid-19 protocol implemented in our hotels to ensure your safety.

#1 Welcome

  • Express check-in and hygiene station
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfected welcome amenities
  • Frequent disinfection of lobby area, luggage and luggage carts
  • Face masks on sale at reception
  • #2 Restaurants & bars

    • Menus on QR codes
    • Cleaning and disinfection of tables, chairs, linens and utensils after each use

    #3 Sports & leisure

    • Abundant hand sanitizer stations
    • Increased disinfection of common areas by trained Family Members
    • Regular disinfection of fitness & sports equipment and conference facilities (when used)
    • Disinfected Spa amenities and tools
    • Regular tests of pools & water systems

    #4 Your room

    • Daily rooms cleaning and disinfection by approved disinfectant using electrostatic sprayers and ozone by our trained Housekeeping team
    • Air conditioning cleaning and disinfection prior to each check-in
    • Safe and disinfected turndown service

    #5 Ayo le dodo kids club

    • Regularly cleaned & disinfected using approved disinfectant
    • Disinfected amenities after each use

    #6 Check-out

    • Express check-out
    • Departure room follows all hygienic protocols

    #7 Back of house

    • Dedicated staff for health and hygiene measures
    • Extensive wellness & hygiene staff training
    • Increased disinfection of office & back of house
    • Temperature control for laundry
    • Regular audit
    • Designated drop off & hygienic protocols for suppliers

    checked & verified by SGS

    SGS international standards
    - One of the industry’s highest-level certifications verifying best of class processes for quality and safety

    SGS Hygiene Monitoring certification – One of the industry’s most advanced third-party verification standards and is being implemented across Attitude Hotels

    Food Check certification – Complies with certified and audited food safety practices based on the HACCP, an internationally recognized system for reducing the risk of safety hazards in foods