Our commitments

We protect our environment

Mauritius island is home to sensitive ecosystems, and we owe it to ourselves to protect it.
We are aware of the adverse effects our hotel operations can have on these environments, and our aim is to achieve a balance between human activities and environmental preservation.
At Attitude, this means adopting new consumption habits to reduce our impact on the natural world. On a global level, our ambition is to establish a path of sustainable tourism, with eco-committed hotels that truly care about the environment.
We are doing this in a number of ways…

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Dopper x Attitude Hotels

Attitude Hotels is collaborating with Dopper, a water flask brand committed to fighting plastic pollution. When guests arrive at the hotels, they will be given a Dopper flask to use throughout their stay, filling up on ice-cold water from the free fountains around each resort. Guests can also purchase the flask to take home with them.


The climate fresk

The Climate Fresk is a climate education workshop using 42 simple cards. The cards take up-to-date facts sourced by the most respected scientific publications and act as a visual tool, letting participants understand the causes and consequences of climate change.
It also shows how we can act constructively at speed and scale. Our workshop was hosted by Diane Salmon from The Climate Fresk and translated into Mauritian Creole by Daniella Bastien.

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And many other positive actions

  • Use of solar-powered lamps in outdoor areas

  • Natural cosmetics in the rooms and spa

  • Automatic system to turn off the air-conditioning when the doors are open

  • Water savers fitted to all taps

  • Self-service mineral sunscreen available

  • Blue nets are provided to encourage guests to pick up waste from the lagoon

  • Recycling of all waste

Always a step further...

Our objectives to protect the environment :

When it comes to sustainable development, there is always room for improvement. That’s why, once we have achieved our objectives, we set new ones that go even further.

  • Achieved
    Have 200 Family Members participate in The Climate Fresk by June 30, 2024
  • On-going
    Free natural and mineral sunscreen available in our Attitude hotels by 1st July 2024. Know more

Achieved objectives

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