Listen to LOSEAN by Annega

We have sponsored the music video for Annega’s new song, LOSEAN!
Why is Attitude involved, we hear you ask? Well, the song raises awareness about the beauty of our lagoon, the threat to coral, and the importance of preserving marine ecosystems. Attitude supports local talent – and that includes Mauritian musicians such as Annega. They are best-placed to be the voice of important issues that matter to our community.

To listen to Losean, click here!

Did you know?

Good news!

There is a solution: mineral sunscreen. In collaboration with a local supplier, we have created our own natural-based sunscreen, available free to our guests staying at Lagoon Attitude. After testing out our mineral-based sunscreen at Lagoon Attitude, we are going to roll it out to all of our Attitude Hotels, starting from 1st July 2024. The best choice for you and the planet!

The best choice for you and the planet!

  • Protects against UV rays
  • Preserves coral reefs
  • Respects the oceans

You supported this project

If you’ve stayed at an Attitude Hotel and donated to the Green Attitude Foundation at the end of your stay, that means you have contributed to its release, too!

Step into the making of Losean!

In this cool video, you’ll spot Juliette and Marine from Attitude.
Their message? It’s never too late for action to protect our coral reefs and marine ecosystems.