• Our Family Members

    Through their energy and generosity, our Family Members will transform your stay into magical moments. They embody the spirit of Attitude and the Mauritian soul. Their smile is waiting for you.

  • Interior Design

    In each of our hotels, you’ll be delightfully immersed into the Mauritian atmosphere. The colours, materials and evocative surroundings will give you a taste of the local art of living.

Living Mauritius

To live in the moment, to experience joyful emotions, to discover new places. At Attitude, this is our concept of travel. And this is the experience we want to offer you during a stay at our hotels in Mauritius.

We can take you to see all that makes Mauritius so special: its people, with their legendary hospitality; its culture; its rich nature; its energetic rhythms; and its breathtaking landscapes.

From the unmissable to the original, the Mauritian experience is diverse and authentic.

Sharing our love for Mauritius allows you to get involved in sustainable tourism, too. We are committed to caring for the local community, protecting the environment and supporting the local economy.

We want our island to become your island for the duration of your stay.