Our commitments

We support our local economy

Choosing local partners and suppliers

We make a conscious choice to buy from local artisans and suppliers.

We always favour products made in Mauritius over those that are imported, even if there is a cheaper alternative. We stick to this commitment for all of our purchases.

From field to plate: sourcing locally

Whenever possible, we source products that have been grown and harvested on the island. In addition to supporting local jobs and boosting the local economy, it helps us know where and how products are made.

Buying locally also allows us to respect local know-how and help champion traditional Mauritian ingredients and recipes. And buying local, seasonal produce lowers our carbon footprint.

The Takamaka example

Encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in Mauritius

Attitude was created by a family of Mauritian hoteliers and we remain committed to encouraging young Mauritians with a vision and entrepreneurial instincts.

We want to evolve our island, which is why we extend our positive influence beyond the hotel industry. We support a range of projects with values that align with our own – those that favour the creation of sustainable products and jobs for local people.

To help Mauritian start-ups succeed, we have created Otentik Investments.

Our many other actions

  • 72% of the furniture & decorations at Lagoon Attitude hotel are locally made

  • 100% Mauritian products are used at Spa POZ.

  • Mainly local flowers are used in our hotels

  • Only products made in Mauritius are sold in our Otentik Bazar shops

  • Collaboration with a local tea producer for the creation of 2 signature teas offered at Teabaz

  • Collaboration charter to guarantee the eco-responsible practices of our suppliers

  • 100 rupees spent by a client represents about 240 rupees of wealth created for the Mauritian economy

Made in Moris

Always a step further...

When it comes to sustainable development, there is always room for improvement. That’s why, once we have achieved our objectives, we set new ones that go even further.

Our objectives to support local economy
  • Achieved
    50% of the food & beverage group purchases from suppliers certified made in Moris as at 30th June 2022.
  • Achieved
    30 Mauritian designers listed in our Otentik Bazar shops by the 31st of January 2023.
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