Our commitments

We support the local community

Supporting the local community is one of our three core commitments.

This pledge starts at home with Attitude’s Family Members, 98% of whom are Mauritian. We are dedicated to the personal and professional growth of our staff.

We are focused on helping Mauritians to benefit from tourism.

Finally, we support homegrown talent. We commission local craftspeople as part of our purchasing policy and put Mauritian artists in the spotlight.

Otentik Experiences

Our specially curated Otentik (authentic) Experiences give guests a real taste of Mauritian life. You could sail on a traditional pirogue at sunrise with a local fisherman, or have dinner with a local family.
The Attitude Family Members that welcome you into their home for a meal benefit from 100% of the cost of the experience.

Konpoz to Lamizik: our annual music competition

Not many destinations can match Mauritius for its ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity. At Attitude, we want to showcase this extraordinary cultural richness. That's why we created the annual Konpoz To Lamizik event.

This popular music competition allows us to uncover the immense talent on the island and champion local artists. The winner gets to have a music video produced and features on the Konpoz to Lamizik compilation album.

Working at Attitude

Taking care of the community is, first and foremost, about taking care of our Attitude Family Members.

We refer to our employees as Family Members because we are a family.

Attitude aspires to be a welcoming and fulfilling place to work. We believe that this positive mindset helps spread kindness beyond our hotels to friends, family and the wider community.

We are very proud to be certified as a "Great Place to Work" because of our focus on wellbeing, personal progression and quality of life at work. How do we do this? By investing in professional training and personal development coaching; providing good working conditions and involving the team in our sustainable development strategy. Our social events also promote individual talent and help strengthen our company culture.

Every year Attitude funds the education of one Family Member’s child.

Taking action in our local community

  • Our Green Attitude Foundation invests in projects that benefit the local community.

  • We support local craftspeople by purchasing their furniture and decorative objects for our hotels

  • For Christmas, we offer our hotel facilities to Caritas, a local association that help the most deprived children. Our hotel guests are also given the opportunity to participate by donating gifts.

  • We choose works created by local artists and photographers to decorate our hotels.

  • Le groupe permet de créer plus de 3 700 emplois (directs et indirects) localement, avec un coefficient multiplicateur de 2,3.

  • Attitude est sponsor d’événements locaux pour soutenir et promouvoir le talent créatif des artistes locaux.

Always a step further...

When it comes to sustainable development, there is always room for improvement. That’s why, once we have achieved our objectives, we set new ones that go even further.

Our objectives to support the local community :
  • 600 children to attend an awareness session by the Marine Discovery Centre by 31st August 2022
  • Achieved
    10 000 training hours on sustainable practices by 31st December 2020.
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