Attitude, committed
for a tourism with Positive Impact

Since its creation in 2008, the Attitude group has demonstrated a commitment to the sustainable development of Mauritius. It has promoted and supported the local economy and community through all its initiatives.

The group’s focus on sustainable tourism has grown over the years to become central to its purpose. Far more than a results-oriented company, Attitude is now a company with a mission.

The Positive Impact movement was created to set out the group’s commitment to sustainable tourism. It consists of 3 pillars:
- The preservation of the environment
- Supporting the local economy
- Championing local communities

With our Positive Impact movement, Attitude is committed to ensuring the sustainable development of tourism in Mauritius through a global and inclusive approach.

Who are we?

We are much more than just a hotel group. We are Attitude!

We are one big, dynamic, open-minded, creative and fun family.

Our 1350 Family Members are proud to represent Mauritius.

We love to share our local know-how and the beauty of our island.

We are a 100% authentic Mauritian company.

  • We are dedicated to respecting and protecting our natural environment.
  • We support local communities and take action to ensure the wellbeing of our Family Members.
  • We value the local economy by favouring local craftsmen and producers wherever possible.
  • We are certified by the following institutes: Made in Moris, Great Place to Work and Travelife.

The man
behind the vision

"At Attitude, we wholeheartedly believe in the Positive Impact movement. We are a Mauritian company with Mauritian DNA. Positive Impact's mission is to bring hotel guests, Mauritian and overseas tourism partners and local communities together. Tourism must benefit the whole island, even when the holiday ends. It won't be easy and we don't have all the answers, but we want to innovate and drive change. With eight eco-committed hotels and 1350 employees, we have the ability to champion positive change, raise awareness, and contribute to a better world.”

Jean Michel Pitot, CEO of the Attitude Group.