Gender equality - Attitude is committed!

Even today, half of the world's population does not have access to the same rights and privileges. At Attitude, we have decided to fight against these inequalities and imbalances that weaken our society. We cannot imagine a healthy, modern and prosperous society without a strong commitment to the environment, the local economy and the local community: 3 interdependent axes that reflect our raison d'être.

Through these actions, we strive to provide a fair and equitable working environment for all of our Family Members. We also strive to provide a more inclusive experience for our customers.

So, what have we done?


We set up the Equality Committee with 6 Attitude Family Members

The aim was to put in place strong and tangible actions that remove gender stereotypes & empower women. These are fully integrated into the lives of our employees and the experience of our customers.




We want our staff to be themselves

and look how they want to look!