Hotel Holiday & Quarantine FAQs

Airport transfers

Are airport transfers included in the price of the stay?
No, airport transfers are not included in the price of the stay (Hotel Holiday or quarantine). The prices are fixed (see below) and are organized by approved DMCs who run separate transfers for both hotel holiday guests and those staying in a quarantine hotel.
Guests can pay for transfers directly with Attitude at the time of booking.

Airport transfer prices:

  • Bus transfer: Rs. 850 per person per transfer (-50% for 12 years old children and younger)
  • Transfer by private car for two people maximum: Rs. 3,000 per transfer
  • Transfer by private car for five people maximum: Rs. 5,000 per transfer
  • Baby or child seat: Rs. 300 per transfer

Are sanitary protocols respected in airport transfers?
Yes, airport transfers are run by approved companies whose employees are trained in sanitary protocols.

Sanitary protocols

How much are PCR tests and are they included in the holiday?
PCR tests are mandatory for all guests, including babies and infants. Testing will be carried out by the Ministry of Health or an accredited laboratory recognised by the government.

The cost of PCR tests is set by the authorities and vary according to the length of stay and the nationality of the travellers. These costs are not included in the price of the stay and will be communicated to you at the time of booking. You can pay them before your stay or on site.

International travellers who have booked a hotel:
Depending on the length of stay, the following PCR tests are required for international travellers booking a hotel holiday from 15 July to 30 September 2021.

  • Stays of 0-6 days: Day 0 at the airport = Rs 2500
  • Stays of 7-13 days: Day 0 at the airport and day 7 in your hotel = Rs 4500
  • Stays of 14 days or more: Day 0 at the airport, day 7 in your hotel, day 14 in your hotel = Rs 6500

International travellers in quarantine:
You will have three tests: on day 0 at the airport, on day 7 and day 14 of your quarantine hotel stay. Rs 12,000 for all three tests

Mauritian travellers:
PCR tests are free for Mauritian travellers who have booked a hotel holiday or quarantine stay.

Note: If you need to depart Mauritius early and require an additional test, this will be at an extra cost between Rs 2500 – 3500.

What if I am tested positive?
Guests will receive their results by text message within 6-9 hours. If a traveller tests positive at the airport or during their stay, they will be admitted to a dedicated quarantine hotel if they are asymptomatic or a hospital if they are symptomatic. If they prefer, they can return to their home country for treatment. If clients leave earlier than planned, Attitude will refund all unused nights. If a client chooses to stay in Mauritius after a positive result, their family or travelling companions cannot stay in quarantine in the same room.

What is the protocol if a child is tested positive?
If a child tests positive, they will be admitted to a hospital or hotel hospital, depending on their health status, accompanied by a parent.

What if a member of a group of travellers (ex: a family) is tested positive, what happens for the other members?
If a positive guest is accompanied by relatives, they will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days in a part of the hotel, which will be dedicated to this activity and will be geographically separated from the resort part. This quarantine area will be managed in partnership with the health department, or the relatives of the positive person will be sent to a quarantine hotel, managed by the health department and of the same category as the initial hotel. If the quarantined clients wish, they can be escorted to the airport during the quarantine period to return to their country, according to the health corridor principle.

If I get a PCR test before I fly, do I really need another on arrival at the airport?
Yes. You will be required to get a PCR test 5-7 days before arrival and can only travel if it is negative. All PCR tests need to be official laboratory tests. You will undergo a PCR test on arrival at the airport in Mauritius. Depending on the length of your stay, you will also be required to have a PCR test on day 7 and day 14 within your hotel. If you are leaving on day 15, you can use your day 14 test result depending on the regulations of the country you are flying to.

What happens if my temperature exceeds 37,8° when arriving at the airport?
The temperature of each passenger will be checked on arrival at the airport. If the temperature exceeds 37,8°, the passenger will be isolated in the dedicated isolation room at the airport. They will be examined by the airport doctor and may have to undergo a PCR test by GeneXpert, the result of which will be obtained in about an hour. Depending on the result, the passenger will be referred to a health centre or to their hotel.


Can I travel for less than 7 nights?
Yes, only if you are vaccinated. Any travel duration is possible as long as you stay a minimum of two days in Mauritius. Should you wish to leave any time before 14 days, you can do so through a secure sanitary corridor.
Non-vaccinated guests should book a 14-day quarantine stay.

Will all hotel facilities be accessible during the Hotel Holiday?
No, some of the facilities and equipment of the hotel will not be accessible in order to respect the sanitary protocols: not all restaurants will be open, motorized nautical activities and experiences outside the hotel (such as the Otentik Dinner) will not be accessible. The spa will be open but the hammam and the sauna will not be accessible. Entertainment usually offered by external suppliers will not be available. At Zilwa Attitude, Gran Zil (our private island) will be closed. At Tropical Attitude, the rooftop will not be accessible.

Can I stay longer than 14 days?
After a 14-day hotel holiday in one of our approved hotels and a negative PCR test on day 14, you can move to any other accommodation of your choice and be able to explore the island’s attractions. You can also decide to extend your holiday stay beyond 14 days in the same approved hotel, in which case, you will continue to abide to the same conditions of in-resort stay. You will have to do a PCR test the day before your departure.

Will dining be affected during my holiday?
There will be no buffets during Phase 1, only à la carte meals will be available. Physical distancing measures will be put in place and guests must wear a mask if moving around the restaurant. Not all restaurants will be open.

Will guests need to wear a mask?
Yes. Guests will need to wear a mask while moving around the hotel. You won’t have to wear one while relaxing around the pool or on the beach.

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