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Attitude Hospitality Management Ltd (AHML) as a group has established a lot of policies and procedures that describe the good practice and welfare of its employees, called as Family Members (FMs).
The policies that are in place are:
  • Human Resources Policies
  • Family Member’s Career Development Policy
  • Employment of Disabled Person Policy
  • Mari Top Recognition Program Policy
  • Long Service Award Policy
  • Profit Sharing Scheme Policy
  • Zenfan Lakaz Policy
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Violence, Discrimination & Harassment at Workplace Policy
  • Health Month Program
  • Environmental Policy
  • Children’s Right and Protection Policy
  • Local Community Policy
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Responsible Purchase Statement
To note that these policies are full-fledged documents clearly written with and applied within our hotels. This document is a summary of the policies in place at Attitude
The abbreviations are used in the document:
AHML = Attitude Hospitality Management Ltd
FM = Family Member, a person working for Attitude Group
CEO = Chief Executive Officer


FMs Career Development Policy
It is our policy to provide our FMs with the opportunity to grow within the Group and upgrade themselves in capacity, skills, status, and salary through Promotion & Transfer.
In selecting a FM for a job promotion or transfer we need to carefully consider the following criteria:
  • Skill, ability, and talent to the job.
  • Length of service.
  • Training and efficiency.
  • Attendance, Attitude at work, adherence to the disciplinary and safety rules.
Opportunities such as Promotions, Transfers within the departments, inter-departments and inter-hotels are available to FMs. However, to be eligible to request for these transfers we have conditions applicable.
The above are followed by through a well-defined procedure (procedures are well established in the policy) that enable the company to keep track of all information and for audit purposes.
Employment of disabled Person Policy
AHML recognizes that persons with substantially limiting mental or physical disabilities may require reasonable adjustment to perform the essential functions of their job or the job for which they are being considered.
Therefore, we attempt to reasonably accommodate a qualified individual with a disability in accordance with applicable national and local laws.
Our local laws protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination in employment. Where such a disability is known to AHML, we will consider reasonable adjustment of a qualified individual in order to allow such individual to perform the essential functions of the job. We will attempt to offer accommodation through dialogue with the individual on the personal limitations and need for adjustment.
These adjustments are carried out accordingly with consultation with the Head of Department, the need of the position and the FM or applicant to enable them to perform those functions.
Recognition Program Policy
The AHML MARI TOP Recognition Program aims to help our FMs to reach their potential through our Personal Progress Team Success (PPTS) Model. Also, to achieve greater participation and involvement of all FMs with regards to the actions that we want them to repeat for improving our guest experience and work environment.
Recognition is another way to create a culture driven by performance and which reflects our core values: Respect and Humility.
Our MARI TOP concept is to recognize the actions of our FMs who show consistent and exceptional behaviour towards the PPTS Competencies in a timely and reasonable manner:
T: Transparent
O: On Brand and On the spot
P: Personal Progress Team Success
  The Recognition program is based in 2 levels, Recognition by Head of Department and Recognition by All FMs (Quarterly).
Upon receipt of a MARI TOP Cards, the FM can exchange their form to Human Resources for a Surprise gift or accumulate 4 cards to an on-brand gift.
A compilation of good actions per FM are tracked by Human Resources (compilation of Head of Department and FMs cards together) to allow all FMs to rate for the best quarter FM and best FM for the year and awards are given to the winners.
Long Service Award Policy
AHML recognises and values the contribution of all its FMs and acknowledges that many of our FMs have worked in the Attitude hotels (owned or managed) for many years and the loyalty, commitments and high level of skill brought by individuals are key factors in our success. In recognition of these attributes AHML is committed to celebrate with those FMs who have reached certain service ‘milestones’ by providing a system of awards for long service achieved whilst still in service with AHML.
The Long Service Award applies to all full-time and part-time FMs who has been in continuous service for a minimum of 5 years.
FMs are recognised and rewarded by AHML for their contributions upon reaching the qualifying period by being presented a certificate of acknowledgment and/or with a gift. The certificate and/or gift will be presented by the CEO or recognised senior management from AHML to personally congratulate the FMs for their contribution.
Rewards are awarded in 5-year increments. The longer the FM has worked, the higher the value of the award.
The recognition model is called the Long Service Award Night. All FMs who will be recognized and their respective GMs and HRs are received by the CEO and AREX Members. The Long Service Award night will be conducted once a year, during the period of May/June.
Profit Sharing Scheme Policy
The PSS (Profit Sharing Scheme) is a scheme of which a portion of the gross operating profit of a business is distributed to its employees.
Attitude recognises that to offer its guests an outstanding experience requires hard work and as such we believe in rewarding our FMs for their dedication, good performance, and right attitude both on a collective basis and on an individual basis.
The Attitude PSS policy is a discretionary scheme and designed:
  • To standardise the incentive process within the AHML.
  • To develop as part of the Attitude Culture the sharing of profit partly with the FMs who are at the centre of it.
  • To create attractiveness and embark on the journey to become an Employer of Choice

In Principle the PSS is based:
  • On the Hotel Performance and its gross operating profit as per its audited financial statements.
  • On each hotel’s performance individually.

Each FM may help influence their reward by raising their performance, being proactive, responsive and constantly challenging themselves to deliver the very best of them as it is based on individual performance of the FMs with evaluation grid (guideline) designed accordingly with various
Zenfan Lakaz Policy
The policy of Zenfan Lakaz is to provide discount on room-nights and food & beverage consumption as a benefit to all Attitude FMs and their immediate relatives.
AHML provides discounted rooms, discounted Food & Beverage and complimentary rooms at hotels which are under its management. There are some conditions and restrictions applicable to the benefits. This program is for leisure only. In case of business travel, direct superior approval is required.
This benefit is offered to all regular full and part time FMs, who must be actively employed to participate in this benefit.
Restrictions may apply, for example concerning the duration of stay, in case of high occupation rate forecasted, or during special events.
Any FM who misrepresents the eligibility of an individual to obtain a discount, to which that individual is not otherwise entitled, is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
A well-established reservation procedure is in place for booking and tracking of these benefits.
Kindly note that FMs or their relatives should not review any of our own properties on TripAdvisor as per TripAdvisor website’s guidelines.
FMs of AHML and their immediate relatives are always expected to maintain our standards of conduct while participating in this program at any of our hotels.
Disciplinary Policy
AHML do have a policy for Disciplinary actions to discipline any FM who falls short of achieving our standards of performance or conduct or violates any of the company rules and regulations and thereby subject to progressive disciplinary action.
The aims of the disciplinary policy are:
  • To ensure we adopt a corrective approach and not only punitive towards the FMs.
  • To ensure that the FMs work in a proper and well-disciplined atmosphere so that their actions do not cause any prejudice to their work colleagues.

The procedures are well defined in the policy as it is a lengthy process and involves many parties. However, in any decision the Management takes into account several factors, such as the nature or circumstances of the offence and give opportunity to the FM to defend herself/himself for the charges brought against then and to have a proper hearing in front of the Disciplinary Committee.
All the above are done based on the guidelines specified in our current legislations. It is only after careful discussions and consideration to the facts and figures that the Management concludes the offence and decide on the disciplinary action to be taken against the FM.
Violence, Discrimination & Harassment at Workplace Policy
The Violence, Discrimination & Harassment at Workplace is also taken into due consideration with a well-defined policy.
In this policy, AHML is committed to eliminating all forms of workplace violence, discrimination, and harassment. Accordingly, AHML will use its best endeavours to promote and maintain a workplace free from all sorts of violence, discrimination, harassment and insist that all FMs be treated equally and with dignity, respect, and courtesy.
With this policy, AHML prohibits not only actions which are severe enough to be unlawful; it also prohibits conduct and comments which are not severe enough to violate national or local laws, but which are deemed inappropriate in a workplace.
Hence, AHML is of the opinion to maintain a “zero tolerance” policy regarding violence, discrimination, and harassment within its workplace.
Health Month program
A month is dedicated to spotlight the employer vision to create a healthier workplace and Family Members. The month will highlight how a healthy organization lead to more productive, engaged workforce and create magnetic company cultures that drive recruitment and retention.
Each hotel selects a week to plan all the activities, in order to promote the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to Family Members (FMs) and their families and to raise awareness of the benefits of regular exercise.
The following activities are offered by the hotels:
  • Blood Donation Campaigns;
  • Family assistance Program;
  • Health Screening for both FMs and their Families (some tests for free, and others at a discounted price);
  • Eye Screening for both FMs and their Families (some tests for free, and others at a discounted price, negotiated discounted rates for glasses);
  • Discussions and counselling activities with FMs (about topics such as: parenting, health diets / nutrition, occupational stress, common social problems / drugs…).


Attitude Group is one of the major stakeholder in the tourism industry and we recognize that our business has an important and significant role to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for our Guests and the nation as a whole.
The hotels of the group are committed to provide a quality hospitality service while minimizing their operational impact on the environment, throughout their business activities.
We shall operate in compliance with all relevant local environmental legislations and we abide with environmental best standards.
We shall measure our environmental performances against our objectives and targets, ensuring that our progress is regularly reviewed.
We shall strive to manage our waste in an efficient manner, avoid pollution, install energy saving devices whenever possible and encourage our guests to respect and contribute towards our efforts so that together, we may minimize our impact on the environment.
We shall train, educate and inform our Family Members, Guests, suppliers, local communities on our environmental commitments, so that they understand the role they play in delivering our objectives and targets.
Through our Ecological Commitment Chart, in place since 2010, we shall ensure that actions are met in accordance with measures set up.
To achieve this end, our hotels will be continuously committed to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible;
  • Energy and Water

We shall ensure optimum energy and water efficiency by taking measures to monitor consumption, to conduct analyses, to adapt processes, to use low energy/water consumption devices, and to inform our guests about energy/water saving measures.
  • Waste Management

We shall maintain our efforts to reduce waste production, ensuring that it is disposed correctly. This includes wastewater, plastic and glass bottles, used cooking oil, paper & cardboard, wet waste from kitchen. Most of them are being reused or recycled.
Moreover, all our hotels will be Zero Single-Use Plastic (in the guest experience) by October 2020.
  • Wildlife and Conservation

Through the Marine Discovery Centre, the Attitude Group is committed to the conservation of marine life.
The role of the research center is to conduct research on the lagoon ecosystem, contribute to the restoration of the mangrove, and encourage the public to protect the lagoon through the museum and awareness sessions.
  • Managing hazardous substances

We shall reduce amount of harmful substances and wherever possible use the best environmentally friendly options.
We shall dispose of hazardous substances and equipment responsibly in a way that does not harm human health or the environment. In this way, pollution prevention will be maintained and controlled as per local environmental legislations.
  • Managing suppliers

We shall encourage our suppliers to reduce packaging. We shall purchase in bulk as much as possible. We shall communicate with them so that our environmental policy is well understood and ensure how they can help us to deliver it.
  • Purchasing

We shall encourage the purchase of goods and services that cause least harm to the environment and of more locally sourced food.
  • Transportation
Nearly 95 % of our Family Members use hotel transport to go to work. We strongly believe that the environmental performances will be achieved with the implementation of measures and tools designed to monitor progress.
Besides, sustainability training programs will be carried out to ensure that our Family Members are kept informed and updated on our environmental policy and the role they play in its delivery.
We shall operate with a continuous commitment to improved environmental practices.


The hotels of Attitude Group are committed to respecting and promoting the rights of the child, including protection from sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism, protection from child labor and trafficking. According to the Child Protection Act 30 of Mauritius, a child means any unmarried person under the age of 18.
The Management of our hotels educates Family Members in child protection, providing training on how to spot children at risk and protect them from Family Members, Guests, contractors, visitors and suppliers against the following types of abuses:
  • Ill-treatment, physical abuse, verbal abuse and emotional abuse,
  • Sexual Offences, indecent photographs of children,
  • Abandonment of child,
  • Abducting child
  • Child trafficking
  • Selling or serving any liquor, rum, any compounded spirits or tobacco to a child.
Emphasis is put on reporting process which is as follows:
  • FMs report immediately any suspected case of child abuse to their Supervisor, in order to trigger the transmission of information to the responsible persons (General Manager, Chief Security Officer, Risk Compliance Manager, Head of Departments). This allows the management team to be on alert and intervenes if needed to protect the child.
  • Upon confirmation of the case, the Chief Security Officer reports to the Local Authorities (Police, Child Protection Unit and other concerned bodies depending on the case). He also is assigned the responsibility to keep the child under protection until the arrival of the Local Authorities.
  • The Chief Security Officer and Management assist the Local Authorities during their enquiry. After enquiry, the Local Authorities are responsible to take appropriate actions.
The Management reserves the right to terminate a contract of any person who is unsuitable to work with children or for any reason that may put children at risk.

We focus on bringing the local community to collaborate in building a long-term protective environment for children in the communities where we work. We ensure that every member of our staff knows the Child’s Right and Protection Policy and knows how to react in a case of child abuse.
The Child’s Rights and Protection Policy is communicated during Induction and refresher courses for all Family Members.
The Human Resources Manager of all our hotels ensure that all Family Members acknowledge the policy.


The hotels of the Attitude Group are committed to improving continuously their services, achieving quality level required by our Guests, adding value to our brands and contributing to the local communities we live and work in by developing sustainable tourism.
We are committed to ensuring positive relationships between our hotels and the local communities and promoting economic and social benefits to the community.
  • Purchases
The hotels of the group purchase and promote local products, ensuring that the food quality meets with our guest’s expectations. In this manner, they contribute towards the reduction of CO² emissions, which would be higher if these products were transported from distant locations.
  • Employment
More than 95% of our Family Members are local employees, and 100% of the shareholders are Mauritian. The benefit from this initiative lies in the probability of the wages being spent within the local economy. It also encourages residents to stay within their community rather than seeking employment elsewhere.
  • Charitable
We organize every year a Christmas tree wherein our Guests are invited to buy a gift for children from vulnerable groups living in our neighborhood areas.
  • Promote responsible tourism
We invite our Guests to share experiences inspired from local traditions.The five components Diner, Bazar, Fooding, Music, Discovery illustrating the concept Otentik Attitude Experiences, show how we engage with local people and businesses to support the economy, community and to protect local traditions.
Our Guests improve the lives of local people through the Otentik Bazar, while protecting the coastal environment (Guests’ participation in environmental actions, mangroves’ plantation) and preserving the destination’s culture and traditions (discover music of local artists, Creole lesson, Street food and local folklore).
We are committed to train our Family Members to become aware of children abuse and to understand actions to be taken if they suspect a child at risk.


The hotels of Attitude Group aim to provide service of a consistent quality for our Guests; we strive to offer our Guests the high standards expected.
We expect all Family Members to work to these standards to help us achieve our aim.
The hotels of Attitude Group are mainly based in the Northwest, North and East of the island and employ more than 1500 Family Members.
We believe that continually improving our service and promoting quality is an excellent way of creating value in our mission and vision. Hence, we have established quality assurance procedures, clear policies, systems and appropriately trained Family members that provide a way for us to measure and improve our performance.
We evaluate our service on a regular basis through audits as follows:
Gather and monitor feedback, through reviewPro and reviews as Tripadvisor;
  • Keep records, follow, evaluate and set targets;
  • Explain the procedure to follow for raising a complaint about the service (Guest complaints procedure);
  • All new Family Members receive training in procedures, policies and quality assurance activities as part of their induction. Appraisal meetings and assessment of training needs are carried out annually.
Our quality objectives are communicated to all our Family Members through our department meetings and Briefings.
The Head of Department, who reports directly to the management, has the direct authority to ensure that operational requirements defined in the established procedures are implemented effectively.


The hotels of Attitude Group seek to purchase goods and services that minimize negative and enhance positive impacts on the environment whilst meeting their business requirements.
By incorporating environmental considerations into purchasing decisions, we endeavor to make a positive contribution to the environment.
As such, our hotels will look for products and services as much as possible, which are one of the following:
  • Sustainably produced
  • Energy efficient and water saving
  • Delivered in less packaging
  • Help small business to integrate the economic mainstream
Our hotels will start by working with a few products and services from sustainable sources where the environmental impacts are well-known and sustainable alternatives are readily available.
We shall have to establish the availability of sustainable products or services on the market, if they will meet our sustainability requirements and the cost of sustainable alternatives.
  • Food and beverage
Our hotels will reinforce our local purchasing: 50% of the group purchases will be from suppliers certified Made in Moris as at 30th June 2021.
Our hotels in this way, are supporting the local economy by buying from local suppliers and reducing dependence on imports.
  • Hazardous substances
We shall focus on an area that has an impact on the environment, chemicals used in our properties.
We shall reduce as much as possible, hazardous substances with ecological ones, prior to availability locally made.
  • Energy efficiency
We shall strive to choose devices, equipment or appliances which are low energy efficient, which may cost more initially but will generate savings in the long term caused by lower operating costs.
  • Promote small craftsmen and entrepreneur’s products
We shall promote sustainable development by ensuring that more small craftsmen and entrepreneurs, receive a fair price for their products, enabling them to trade their way out of low socio-economic conditions.
  • Avoid disposable products
Our hotels are committed to avoiding disposable products. Unless they are biodegradable products or can be recycled, they add to the accumulation of landfill; we strive to choose an alternative with a useful lifespan.
  • Purchasing procedures
Our hotels will seek to integrate our sustainability criteria, wherever possible, into our purchasing and contracting procedures.
Contract clauses can be used to include environmental considerations; for example, suppliers take back packaging that comes with the product. Our suppliers can make suggestions that will help our hotels to reduce our packaging waste or offer alternative, more environmentally friendly products.
  • Training
Our Family Members with purchasing responsibility such as the bar manager, head chef, head of housekeeping as well as the senior management must know what they should be considering when buying items. Training will be given to our Family Members working to understand sustainability matters, our objective: 10 000 training hours on sustainable practices by 31st December 2020.
  • Communicate
Our hotels are committed to communicate to our Family Members, Guests and suppliers to help raise awareness of our objectives.
  • Monitor our progress
To assess whether our objectives are being achieved, we shall monitor our progress against our sustainable purchasing targets.
We shall track how much has been purchased such as the weight, quantity and expenditure.